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Account Security

This should be basic information to most, if not all people but I am going to assume that you do not know much about computers or security. This isn't just about security on Prisonblock but also security in general. Im sure most of us have had virii or malware on our computer at some point and there is nothing worse than having account details for various websites stolen from you. I'll start off with a quick bit about scamming then some software that can help keep you safe from various external attacks.

Keeping Your Account Safe

The biggest point to remember is that admins of prisonblock will NEVER, and i mean NEVER ask you for account details. This includes your password, email address, bank details, etc. The user with the name Mufasa made Prisonblock and is the only one with access to the servers. Anyone who asks you for money saying they are staff are lying through their teeth. Be warned, if you fall for a scam like this you only have yourself to blame.

Scammers will do anything for free cash, they are the worst sort of beggars. If you have doubts about someone, post it on the forums and you will get a quick reply.

Paid Software

Security software you may wish to pay for usually has an all in one suite that will take care of ecerything for you. If you decide oto buy one of these packages you are normally only paying for a 1, 2 or 3 year license. This means that you will have to pay again once the license runs out. The only reason i would pay for software would be to get an all in one security suite as it is only a single payment each time it runs out and generlly uses less RAM and space on your computer. Most packages will protect you against a wide variety of attacks, including virii, malware, email phishing, trojans, worms and rogue websites. Check the software description before buying and shop around.

1. AVG Internet Security Suite

2. Norton Internet Security

3. Kaspersky

plus many more, these are the most well known.

Free Software

It goes without saying that if you dont have alot of money this is the best way to go, you will have to download a couple of different software packages to get close to what a paid suite will give you and it generally slows your computer down a bit more. Here is the type of software you are looking for. Just type free "software type" into your favourite search engine and make sure you aren't just getting a trial.

1. Firewall - You get one free with windows, turned on by default bur there are better more versatile ones. A firewall will usually prompt you if programs are trying to make a connection to the internet or the other way round.

2. Anti-virus - Designed to stop most malicious code from being executed

3. Anti-phishing - Scans email attachments and links for any bad stuff.

4. Antimalware - Specifically for malware rather than virii or trojans. Malware is usually in the form of a fake antivirus of some kind that will tempt you to install it by showing you a scan of your computer with alot of bad results coming up.

5. Pop-up blocker - A simple one, stops alot of windows coming up from random sites. Sometimes needs to be disabled for a site to work properly though.

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