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Buying amenities from the warden at the Wardens Office or at the Open Market Amenities, will give you items that you can use to boost any and all stats permanently. These will only work if equipped in your cell.

Any amenities that you buy from the open market can be stolen in a cell raid, ones bought from the warden, or won in raffles and special events cannot be stolen.

There are three buttons above your cell layout table;

The upwards arrow: This saves a cell preset, allowing to save which items are currently in your cell and their positions to a name (for example, "training cell")
The Floppy Disc: This button allows you to load one of these presets.
The X: This one will empty your cell.

Clicking on any amenity in your cell will show its stats below the layout and allows you to remove the selected amenity. Likewise clicking the "use" or "sell" button below the amenity that is in holding, at the bottom, will allow you to equip or sell it respectively.

After Life, Zombies are slow, but extremely hard to kill. Sure this movie won't likely have any, but let's just pretend.
-1% speed, +1% hp

    You are allowed to have 1 of these in your cell'
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