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Your cell is your home at whatever prison you happen to be in. That said, The Wardens actually allow you to customize your cell (for a price).


Cell Size

Every inmate starts out with a 3x3 cell. This means that you can only add as many amenities that will fit into this space. To get more space in your cell head on over to the warden to exchange favors for a larger cell.

Remember though, that each Prison has a maximum cell size. You can only upgrade your cell size to the maximum allowed by your prison.


You can add amenities to your cell. These are various items like TVs, Beds, Books etc. Adding these items to your cell can have a positive (or negative) affect on your character.

Each amenity takes a certain amount of space in your cell which is displayed as #x#. This means it will use # blocks across and # blocks high. Make sure you have space in your cell for an amenity before purchasing it or trying to add it in. Anything that won't fit in your cell will be kept, but will not produce any benefits to your character.

You can add many amenities of the same type, however keep in mind that all effects are added to your BASE stats (meaning without any amenities). For example, if you have 100 strength, and add 2 amenities which add 10% strength, then you will end up with 120 strength ( 100 + ( 100 * .10 ) + ( 100 * .10 ) ) and NOT 121 ( 100 + ( 100 * .10 ) = 110, then 110 + ( 110 * .10 ) ).

Cell Raids

You can attempt to raid the cell of any inmate located in the same Prison as you. If you are successful, you may make off with money from their bank, items and/or drugs that they may have on hand as well as earn experience!


  • You must be located in the same prison as your target.
  • You will need 10 Nerve.
  • You may only attempt a raid once every 10 minutes.

The Process

To raid someone's cell, you must try to guess their cell combination. This is a series of 5 digits. Click on the dials to change the numbers then click the handle to try the lock. If you are successful you will have a chance to grab items, drugs and/or cash from your target's bank account.

If you are unsuccessful, you may be thrown into isolation for a short time. Upon returning to your target's cell, you will see your previous combination attempts. Correct numbers will be in green while incorrect will be in red. If your target changes their combination, your attempts will be erased.


If someone is trying to raid your cell, it's best to change your cell combo. This isn't free, but it can be done from your cell page.

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