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There appears to be some confusion over the whole "Dupe Account" situation, so this document will attempt to clarify it. As the rules state, you may have ONE account per individual. This means, you, as a person, are allowed ONE account and no more. Because many people may play from the same location, we've allowed multiple signups from the same IP or Computer (for INDIVIDUAL users -- again, you, as an individual, may ONLY have ONE SINGLE account!). To limit the abuse that may occur from multiple people playing from the same location, we've developed a system where accounts from the same location are marked as duplicates of one another.


What exactly is a dupe?

A dupe is defined as any two accounts that are found to access Prisonblock from the same location. Have a friend come over and play from your computer or network? You will be dupes. Sign onto Prisonblock from a public location (library, internet cafe etc)? You will be marked as dupe of anyone else who accesses Prisonblock from that location. This does NOT mean you will be banned right off the bat!

How does being a dupe limit me?

If you are a dupe with another account, you can NOT

  • Send items or cash.
  • Raid each others cells.
  • Revive each other when exploring yards or other areas.
  • Gain any cash or experience from mugging or attacking each other.

Using other players or methods to get around these limitations will result in the permanent ban and firesale of all accounts involved (including those just helping out)

How can I get this removed?

We will NOT remove the dupe status of 2 accounts, so please do not ask, this is permanent except in one scenario. If you use the same IP as another player (can happen using a cell phone or public network such as at a school or library), but NOT the same computer and aren't linked in any other way, then your dupe status will be undone after a period of time passes where you have NOT used the same IP address. If you use the exact same computer or device as another person, then the dupe status will NEVER be lifted.

How can I be banned over this?

Many people have a fear of being banned over being a dupe. You will be banned in these scenarios:

  • We somehow discover that you are using more than one account
  • Someone you are marked a dupe as gets banned. This is because we have no way of knowing that you actually are an individual person (hence why we take the precaution of marking you as a dupe to begin with).
  • You are trading items with someone marked as your dupe (using a third party) or assisting in the act of helping two dupes trade items.

Sometimes people who are marked a dupe of another user may get banned but may have a way to prove they are an individual and not the individual who was banned. We'll hear these cases out, but in most cases, there's nothing that can be done. Short of sitting down with you in your living room and kickin' it with you, we have no way to be sure and will take all measures to protect the integrity of the game.

Please also note that purchasing in-game items (such as favors or respected status) does NOT make you immune to being banned for being a dupe or ANY other bannable offense.

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