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Favors are just what they sound like. They are granted by The Warden and can be exchanged for various things such as cell amenities and can be used to bail yourself out of isolation.

Getting Favors

There are multiple ways to gain favors in the game. As of writing, the methods include:

  • Referrals: Every valid referral earns you 10 favors! To refer users, click here
  • Via PayPal Favors are pretty cheap, and if you want to buy via PayPal, The warden would appreciate your donation! Click Here
  • TrialPay TrialPay allows you to try out products and services and in return, get Favors! Click Here
  • Surveys & Trials You can also fill out surveys and other doo-dads to earn favors! Click Here
  • Via Phone Make a call or send a TXT message and get favors in return! Click Here
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