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Someone piss you off and they're out of your reach for whatever reason? Let your money do the talking for you. Here's how:


Posting a hit

You can put a single hit on anyone you choose, but you can only put out one hit on any individual inmate at a time. You will be charged 15% of the specified bounty as a listing fee.

Infirmary Time

This is how many minutes you'd like your target hospitalized for. Once the target has been hospitalized for at least this long while online, the contract will be fulfilled, paid and closed.

Hit Duration

This is how many days the hit will last. Make sure you allow enough time as if the hit expires before being fulfilled you lose the bounty!


This is the money you plan to pony up for the successful contractor(s). It will be deducted from your account right away and you will have to pay a 15% fee on top of this. The bounty will not be paid to the contractor(s) until the hit has been completed.

Payout Type

This is how contractors will be paid. Single Payout means that the hit won't be complete until a single contractor meets the infirmary time goal, while Shared Payout means that the infirmary time goal can be met by using the combined efforts of all contractors. If Shared Payout is selected, the bounty will be split between the top 3 contractors on the hit.

Taking a hit

If you'd like to take the contract on a hit, simply click the Take Contract button. Now any time you hospitalize the target (by attacking or mugging) while online, it will count towards the contract.


Multiple Contract, Same Target

If you accept multiple contracts on the same target, then all of your attacks on that target will be split between all contracts. For example, if you take 3 contracts on Mufasa and then hospitalize him for 30 minutes, then 10 minutes will go towards each of the 3 contracts.

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