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Welcome fresh blood! Here's a list of things to know and do once you get dropped into general population:



Get Cash

In New Jersey prison you can search the yard 100 times per day. To do this, visit the Prison Hall, then click the door in the lower left corner to head out to the yard. Click the jewels on the ground to search the yard. You can use all 100 searches at once or just a few and come back later.

When searching the yard, you also get the chance of finding free items, so don't forget to do this every day!

Get a Job

The first job in New Jersey prison requires that your defense is at least 30. So spend a few Energy training up at the gym until you're eligible to get the job. Then visit the job listings (located on the noticeboard in the prison hall) to take the job.

Congrats, now you'll get at least $50 per day. You earn more as your stats continue to grow though.

Train Stats

Now that you've got cash in hand, you'll want to make sure you train up your stats so that you can defend yourself when someone attacks. Head over to the gym and train regularly! You can use Chocolate Bars to restore energy and Water to restore stamina so that you can train more.

Save for Bank Account

Once you get a job and have a little cash coming in, you'll want to save up to open a bank account. Having an account allows you to earn itnerest and protect your funds from being stolen during a mugging or battle.

Grab Weapons/Armor

Now that you've got some cash all stock-piled away, save up for some weapons and armor from the marketplace. Weapons and Armor will alter your stats and can make you stronger and faster.

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