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We have very few rules here, but we expect them to be followed. Infractions can lead to an extended isolation or mental breakdown, and multiple violations can result in a permanent isolation.


No Duplicate Accounts

Each inmate is only allowed one account. If you are caught using multiple accounts, you will be permanently isolated.

We DO allow for multiple DIFFERENT people to play the game from a single IP or computer, but it MUST be a different person, and as a precaution, your accounts will be marked as duplicates of each other. This means you will NOT be able to attack, raid, mug, buy from, sell to or send cash to them.

Do NOT ask to have this lifted! We have NO WAY of knowing if the people using the accounts are truly unique so instead of outright banning the accounts we have compromised and implemented this system. Again. NO. WE. WILL. NOT. REMOVE. DUPE. STATUS.

The ONLY exception to the above are dupe accounts based on IP addresses. If you do not log onto the site from the same IP as another user for a period of time, the dupe status will eventually be removed.

We will ban the IP addresses of those using proxies, servers, telnets etc to log into the site. Using these services to evade a dupe or ban is strictly forbidden.

No Spamming

Posting of links to other games is prohibited. You may discuss other games, but do not randomly post links to your own game, the game of someone you know, or your referral link to another game. That's spam, and it's just not fun for anyone except maybe you.

No Cheating

If you do happen to stumble upon a bug or exploit, report it. You'll be rewarded and in a better position than if you decide to exploit it and get caught. If someone sends you items or cash they got by cheating and you don't report it (especially if you use it), you'll be banned along with them. No. Questions. Asked.

Don't Beg

No one likes a beggar. Don't come into the game and begin messaging other players asking for money, items or weapons. It's annoying and it's sure to put you on someone's shitlist.

This also applies to begging for staff positions. Do not message the warden or guards asking how to become part of the staff. It's the easiest way to ensure you'll never become staff.

Respect Staff

Respect the staff of the game. Disrespecting of staff members IS cause for extended or permanent isolation.

No Automation

This means no auto-reloads, no scripting, nothing. You may only use this site as it is intended to be used and not in any other form or fashion.

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