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Spying allows you to find out information about players without them knowing, although it comes at a price and isnt always complete.

Things you can find out are as follows:

  • Bank: How much cash is in their bank.
  • Favors: How many favors are on hand.
  • Exp: What percentage of experience until the next level.
  • Speed: Speed stat AFTER bonuses from amenities, drugs, etc.
  • Strength: Strength stat AFTER bonuses from amenities, drugs, etc.
  • Defense: Defense stat AFTER bonuses from amenities, drugs, etc.
  • Stamina: Percentage of Stamina from total stamina.
  • Items: What and how much items they have available.
  • Drugs: Which drugs the player has and how many.
  • Cell: Which amenities are currently equipped.
  • Open Yard Coordinates: Shows coordinates in the open yard.

Remember these can change within a moments notice, especially stats and cell attributes as cells can be changed whenever a player wants to. Another thing to remember is that if the spy has failed in some way the number beside any stat will come up N/A which is NOT a glitch. The success rate is totally random.


the cost of spying is $450 for every level of the targeted player:

level 1: 450
level 5: 2250
level 10: 4,500
level 20: 9,000
level 30: 13,500

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