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Each prison has their own Warden where you can earn or redeem favors.
Go to the warden to cash in favors to get special items and perks like Respected status.

What does the Warden in your prison do?

  • Purchase Amenities - Buy amenities directly from the Warden using favors. These amenities are protected, and so can't be stolen from your cell if you're raided.
  • Purchase Favors - You can buy favors from the Warden using various payment methods like Paypal, ZayPay, or DaoPay.
  • Purchase Respected - You can buy Respected Status from the Warden in two ways: using favors, or using the above-mentioned payment methods (Paypal, ZayPay, DaoPay).
  • Weekly Lottery - Once you hit level 2, you can put up some favors for entries in a weekly lottery. If you win the random drawing, there's a chance that you'll get an amenity.
  • Backpack Slots - You can buy additional backpack slots from the Warden.
  • Cell Upgrades - You can buy additional space for your cell from the Warden. The Warden also offers alphanumeric combos for favors.
  • Bootlegs, You can buy protected confiscated DVD's back for 100 favors each. Protected confiscated DVD'd can also be bought back early by the owner for 25 favors
  • Warden's Paperwork - The Warden allows you to work on his paperwork by doing surveys for favors.
  • The Warden's Office might also have a crime to commit.

Amenities Purchasable at Warden's Office

New Jersey

6 Favors- DVD Player

6 Favors- CD Player

7 Favors- TV on Crate

7 Favors- Scarface DVD

8 Favors- Boxing with the Stars

11 Favors- Yoga with Yogi

13 Favors- Megaslayer CD

8 Favors- Wooden Chair

20 Favors- SteelFrame Bed

22 Favors- Old Toilet

8 Favors- Self Defense Books

18 Favors- Bookcase

12 Favors- Yoga Mat

20 Favors- Chihuahua

San Quentin

7 Favors- Old Heater

10 Favors- Bed with Mattress

12 Favors- Wooden Chair

15 Favors- Computer Chair

33 Favors- Hot Tub

11 Favors- Yoga with Yogi DVD

12 Favors- Yoga with Yoga HD DVD

13 Favors- Flat Screen TV

20 Favors- Chihuahua

25 Favors- Fireworks


7 Favors- Scarface DVD

11 Favors- Yoga with Yogi DVD

12 Favors- Taylor West CD

13 Favors- Megaslayer CD

41 Favors- 2 Dolla CD

10 Favors- Exercise Bike

12 Favors- Yoga Mat

15 Favors- Toilet Paper

15 Favors- Fan

25 Favors- Air Purifier

15 Favors- Flat Screen Tv

25 Favors- Chihuahua


11 Favors- Bed w/ mattress

17 Favors- Computer chair

22 Favors- Old Toilet

45 Favors- Hot tub

12 Favors- Yoga Mat

12 Favors- Boxing w/ the Stars

13 Favors- Megaslayer CD

41 Favors- 2 dolla CD

14 Favors- Blu Ray Player

35 Favors- Stereo System

18 Favors- Bookcase

25 Favors- Chihuahua

35 Favors- Coffee Press

55 Favors- Stress Ball

South Dakota

15 Favors- Bookcase

18 Favors- Flat Screen TV

40 Favors- Stereo System

45 Favors- Stereo Speakers

20 Favors- Computer Chair

45 Favors- Hot Tub

25 Favors- Fire Works

30 Favors- Chihuahua

28 Favors- Mini Fridge

45 Favors- Coffee Press

35 Favors- Kinect

35 Favors- Checkers

55 Favors- Stress Ball

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