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Very small, allowing for quick action<br><br>
Very small, allowing for quick action<br><br>
== San Quentin ==
== San Quentin Weapons ==
'''Slingshot''' [Level: 5] <font color="008000">$5,000</font><br>
'''Slingshot''' [Level: 5] <font color="008000">$5,000</font><br>

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While exploring and shopping in the various prisons, you will come across many weapons. Weapons are primarily used in battle. They can boost or lower your stats depending on the weapon, and each weapon has a minimum level that you must be before you can equip it.

Change your equipped weapon on the equipment page


New Jersey Weapons

Shank [Level: 1] $1,500
STR: +5, SPD: +5%
An old sharpened toothbrush. A bit flimsy, but it'll do.

Brass Knuckles [Level: 2] $1,800
STR: +10
Discreet, and packs a nice punch.

Baseball Bat [Level: 2] $2,000
STR: +50, SPD: -5%
It's a bit heavy, but extremely sturdy.

Switchblade [Level: 3] $3,000
STR: +50, SPD: +2%
Very small, allowing for quick action

San Quentin Weapons

Slingshot [Level: 5] $5,000
STR: +90, SPD: +5%
Easy as heck to operate once you get the hang of it, and fast as hell!

Brick [Level: 6] $6,000
STR: +110, SPD: -5%
Slows you down a bit, but packs a wallop!

Revolver [Level: 6] $7,000
STR: +100, SPD: +10%
Small black revolver. Relatively weak though.

Putnam Weapons

Boxing Gloves [Level: 7] $8,000
STR: +100, DEF: +100
Increase the power of your blows and easily block attacks

Board With Nail [Level: 7] $8,000
STR: +150, SPD: -5%
The nail is rusted which adds to damage by poisoning your opponent!

Wet Towel [Level: 8] $8,000
STR: +10%, SPD: -5%
With how dry and cracked the skin gets in the heat of Arizona prison, this thing can do some MAJOR damage

Arizona Weapons

Rock-filled Sock [Level: 8] $10,000
STR: +20%, DEF: -10%, SPD: -15%
Heavy and ungainly, but man what a wallop this thing packs

Razorblade [Level: 10] $35,000
STR: +15%, DEF: -10%, SPD: +15%
Does damage easily, but you have to get in close to use it

Rusty Pipe [Level: 10] $45,000
STR: +20%, DEF: +5%, SPD: -10%
A bit hard to swing, but it does some damage

South Dakota

Yellible Towel [Level: 1] $50,000
STR: +5%, DEF: +5%, SPD: +5%
A staple of the Putsburgh Stealers. Wet, spin, snap against bare ass. Repeat.

Rubberband Spikeball [Level: 15] $80,000
STR: +80,000, SPD: +25,000
Throw. Smash face. Boing. Catch. Rinse. Repeat.

Garrote [Level: 17] $120,000
STR: +25%, DEF: -10%
For those that like down and dirty executions

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