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Gear is used to aid in the defense or attack of enemies.

There are 3 buttons below each item;

The plus sign: Uses the selected item.

The shopping cart: Sells the selected item (putting an item up for sale costs you an additional 10% of what you are selling it for, e.g. you want to sell an item for $2100 it will charge you 2310 (2100+210))

The arrow: This button sends the item to someone on your friends list. You can only send items to people in the same prison as you and it will cost you $100 plus 10% of any cash you wish to send. You will get a confirmation page, where you can add cash and more items.


Makeshift Boomerang [Level 1], Just like your average boomerang, you throw it, and it comes back. Rarely.
• Chance to throw a boomerang at your opponent when you attack, damaging their HP.

Makeshift Crossbow [Level 1], It's only useful for one shot, so you better make it count!
• Chance to fatally wound an opponent when you attack.

Shrapnel Bomb [Level 1], When this thing blows, you're gonna get some nasty shit in your eye.
• High chance of throwing a Shrapnel Bomb when you attack, damaging HP and Stamina.

Spike Trap [Level 1], Almost like the ones police use, only significantly more ghetto.
• You will attack first if you're defending.

Trip Wire [Level 1], Thwart would-be attackers with this home-made trip wire.
• Occasionally trip your opponent at the start of a fight, damaging their stamina.
• Occasionally trip your opponent when you attack, damaging their stamina.

Wire Net [Level 1], Pin that bitch to the ground and lay the smack down!
• Occasionally snare your opponent when you attack, preventing them from attacking.

Zombie Chompers [Level 1], Zombie threat? Nah. You rip out their lower face, and it's another tool on your belt!
• Infect opponent with the Zombie Virus!

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