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Battling other inmates is an integral part of the game. It's one of the most fun ways to earn experience, allows you to test out your weapons and stats, and it affords you major bragging rights (if you win).

Battles are unpredictable and fun, but how do they work?

Who Can I Attack?

You may only attack prisoners that are in the same prison as you and are within either double or half your level. You may only attack individual prisoners once every 10 minutes.

UPDATE: As of now, you may attack ANYONE in the same prison as you. This may be reversed in the future however.

How is the winner determined?

The stats of each prisoner is used to determine who wins a battle. Your stamina, weapons and armor are taken into consideration when determining your in-battle stats.

  • The order of attack is determined by each prisoner's speed
  • The amount of damage done is determined by taking the strength of the attacker and subtracting the defense of the opponent
  • To make battles unpredictable, realistic and a bit more random, each player's strength and defense are randomized on each attack:
    • The attacker's strength may be anywhere from 90-110% of their normal value (after taking stamina into account)
    • The opponent's defense may be anywhere from 80-105% of their normal value (after taking stamina into account)
  • You lose some stamina every time you land a hit on your opponent

After the battle

  • HP of both prisoners is restored
  • Some stamina is restored (20% for the winner, 10% for the loser)
  • The attacker will gain experience if they won
    • Experience gained takes into account how much stronger or weaker the opponent was
  • The attacker may steal some cash from the opponent if they win.
  • The loser will end up in the infirmary. If you are the attacker AND the loser, your infirmary time can be up to 3 times longer
  • You will be taken to the battle results page
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