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Doing crimes is a somewhat easy way to gain experience. If successful at a crime, you earn cash and experience. Fail... and well, you can be screwed.

Possible Outcomes

  • Success: You succeed and are awarded cash and experience.
  • Fail: You fail and get nothing
  • Caught: You are caught doing the crime and are either thrown into isolation or beat up and put into the infirmary.

How To Succeed

Crime success depends largely on a few factors:

  • Nerve: The more nerve required to do a crime, the harder it's going to be to succeed at it.
  • Speed: The faster you are, the higher your chance of success.
  • Stamina: As always, your stamina modifies your speed, so if you are only at 50% stamina, you are only at 50% of your total speed.

There are also a number of random variables to keep things interesting. Don't expect to succeed every time!

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