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Technical Help

The amount of posts on the forum asking why things don't work is astounding. And although there are plenty of posts, no-one thinks to search first, even with the warning that pops up when you try to enter a thread title. The most common problem is with the flash elements on the site.

If either the games or plastic surgeon aren't working for you there are a few things you can try.

Do you have Flash Installed?

Make sure your flash player is of the latest version by going to Adobe's Site

click download and install as administrator. If you cannot get this to work for whatever reason use Google and be descriptive of your problem. There are literally millions of sites out there designed to help people, too many problems for me to list here

Try a different browser

This game is built and tested against most modern browsers. If you have the latest version of flash, trying a different browser is probably the easiest thing to try to fix your problem.

Internet Explorer ]| Google Chrome] Firefox Opera Safari

For Prisonblock and most of the internet, Firefox and Chrome are the most popular and versatile browsers, with a faster render rate, making for less people sniping the items you are trying to sell and thousands of addons to make your browsing more fluid and safe.

Things not to report

Sometimes you will see a thread that says it was made 42 years ago. This is NOT a bug, it is a thread that has been deleted entirely by an admin. Give it a few minutes and it should disappear.

If the site goes down at any point and you get a page that says there is maintenance going on, there is absolutely no point in posting it in the wardens office as it is the warden who is making the changes. Sometimes Prisonblock will also get really slow or unresponsive at around 8-11 am gmt. This is usually when backups are taking place. You should follow @Prisonblock on twitter to keep up with announcements when the site is unavailable.

The flash games that you play for game cash ARE curiously difficult most of the time. This is not a bug and was made this way for a reason. Also remember to read the rules very carefully as most games will only give a percentage of money out as cash from winnings. Each percentage changes dependant on which prison you are currently residing in.

Flash Game Glitches

A common "bug" that is seen is small glitches in the flash games that for the moment are not being worked on due to bigger concerns.

1. Prison Pockets - the "ghost ball effect" normally happens once in a while when you pot a ball and it instantly appears back on the table where it was originally and any ball you hit near it will pass through without affecting it. This does not affect gameplay or score.

2. Razor Hockey - yes when you try to move your mouse to fast the puck will not be hit correctly, going in different directions or even going backwards. This is not a glitch with the game but with flash itself in the way it detects collisions and trying to keep track of mouse movements. Move more slowly to avoid this happening.

3. Pairs - sometimes cards will stay shown even if you click on another one. To remedy this turn all cards face down and then play as normal.

Do not suggest more flash games to be made/imported from other sites such as miniclip or armorgames. Your thread will be ignored and repeat offenders will be penalized.

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