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Prisonblock is 100% FREE to play! That said, we DO have some upgrades that can be had for nominal fees:

Respected Prisoner

Aside from supporting the development of the game, becoming a Respected Prisoner awards you with many benefits:

  • Gain 20% Energy every tick
  • Gain 20% Nerve every tick
  • Gain 20% Stamina every tick
  • Earn .5% more interest on funds in your bank account
  • Double your bank account's max deposit
  • Badge on your avatar showing that you are Respected
  • 50% off Prison Transport fees
  • 50% off Money Sending fees
  • 20% off Market Listing fees (cash listings only)
  • 10% off Infirmary/Isolation bailout fees
  • 2 Extra Backpack slots


Favors from the Warden have many uses:

  • You can Purchase Respected Status
  • Purchase amenities for your cell
  • Increase the size of your cell
  • Increase the size of your backpack
  • Increase the possibilities of your cell combo
  • Buy special things out in the yard
  • Enter the Lottery
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