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Opening a bank account has two main benefits:

  • Keep your funds safe from attackers
  • Earn interest

The cost to open a bank account varies from prison to prison, and you will lose your bank account if you move prisons.

Note: You can double-click the deposit or withdrawal text fields to automatically deposit all cash on hand or withdraw all funds in your account.

Max Deposit

You have a maximum amount that you can deposit into your bank account and this is dependant on your level (Respected Prisoners get twice the max deposit limit). When you reach this limit, you will no longer be able to directly deposit funds, although your funds from jobs WILL still be added to your account. Cash from marketplace sales will be deposited into your bank account as long as that amount will not put you over the limit.

Your max deposit is based on your level and not your prison.


Interest rates are different at each prison. Respected Prisoners earn more interest than regular inmates.

Interest is handled nightly. Any interest earned on your funds are deposited into your bank account (regardless of whether you are over your deposit limit or not).

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