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Prisons are main locations within the game. Each prison has its own set of rules such as minimum and maximum levels of prisoners and yard search limits.

At any given time, you can move to another prison (granted you fall within the min and max levels). However if you are in a prison and your level exceeds a prison's maximum level, you will be forced to move to the next prison by midnight.


How Your Prison Effects...


You may only attack or be attacked by prisoners located in the same prison as you.


You may only mug or be mugged by prisoners located in the same prison as you.

Cell Raiding

You may only raid or be raided by prisoners located in the same prison as you.

Sending Money

You may send money to inmates in your own prison for a 10% fee or to inmates in other prisons for a 20% fee.

Sending Items

You may only send to or receive items from inmates in the same prison as yourself.


TBD how gangs will function across prisons.


When you move prisons, a number of things happen that you should be aware of:

  • You will lose your job
  • Anything listed on the market will be removed and placed back in your inventory.
  • Your cell amenities will be removed from your cell. You will have to re-organize them.
  • You will lose your bank account and will have to open a new one, unless you've had an account in the new prison before. Any funds in your account will be transferred to your cash on hand if not.
  • Your cell combo will be changed
  • Your cell will be resized to the destination prison's max cell size if your cell is larger than is allowed there.

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